23 November 2011

From the Government and Here to Help

The Ford Hall Forum recently made available the recording from the debate that we attended on the rain-drenched evening of September 29th in Boston. 

The debate pitted ARI's Yaron Brook against David Callahan, the co-founder of Demos. As anyone who knows me would guess, I judged Dr. Brook's position to be rock-solid and consistent with a comprehensive, rational, and principled worldview while Mr. Callahan's was concrete-bound, pragmatic, and "but"-laden. (By "but"-laden, I mean filled with craven, unprincipled compromises following the explicit or implicit pattern, "Freedom is nice, but . . .," "Justice is fine, but . . ., " etc. Actually, come to think of it, such compromises are not merely unprincipled but anti-principled, designed to attack and subvert a principle. In effect, the speaker pretends to stand by an abstract principle so long as it is shackled just a bit by his "nuanced," middle-of-the-road stance--such shackling being all that is required to completely undermine the principle.) 

Judge for yourself.

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