14 November 2011

Feel-good Football

I saw this clip on the football news programs yesterday and it brought a smile to my face. It’s the kind of scene that would strain credulity if it happened in a movie: Guy catches touchdown pass; guy runs the entire length of the field to the other team’s cheerleaders; guy hands one special cheerleader (who happens to be his girlfriend) the ball and gives her a great big victory hug. (Well, it wasn’t exactly a victory hug, since his team got crushed.)

Check out the story at NFL.com

Sometimes, life can be a chick flick.

I removed the YouTube link, which infringed upon NFL copyright, and replaced it with an image from NFL.com.


Lynne said...

And ain't it grand?

Illegal link, here's the right one:

Stephen Bourque said...

Indeed, life is grand!

Thanks for the link. Evidently the YouTube poster didn't have permission to upload that clip.