09 October 2010

Marc Faber - Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

I’ll have to listen to this excellent Marc Faber lecture at least once or twice more; there is a lot to digest.

The lecture is rather long, but I highly recommend listening to the whole thing. To motivate my readers (yes, both of you!) to do so, I’ll tease you with the fact that Faber makes some extremely sobering and significant points a little before the fifteen-minute mark and a few minutes after the one-hour point.


Anonymous said...

Even though you have only 3 public followers, you may have other private ones. Just a thought. I'll check out the video.


Stephen Bourque said...

Thank you for that thought, Kim! I was just sort of poking fun at myself about the fact that I don't have many readers--and why should that be any different, especially since I haven't been posting regularly?

Enjoy the video!