06 November 2009

Weather Report - Teen Town

I noticed that my blog has become even more one dimensional than usual lately, so I thought I would start adding some short, easy, and light posts on a variety of topics, such as some music that I like. (It's nice to do a post that doesn't require eight hours of writing and editing.)

Below is Weather Report playing "Teen Town" live in Germany in 1978. It's strange that I don't know too much about the band because when I was about sixteen, I immediately fell in love with the Night Passage album, which I had taken out of my local library. It would have been like me to go to the used record store and buy all the Weather Report I could get my hands on, but for some reason I never did. I own only a couple of their albums.

Anyway, the lineup in the video is the one I am most familiar with: the incomparable bassist Jaco Pastorius, Peter Erskine on drums, and of course, Wayne Shorter on sax and Joe Zawinul on piano.

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