20 November 2009

King Crimson - Elephant Talk

King Crimson is one of my very favorite bands, on a short list with Yes, ELP, and of course, Rush. I played drums when I was a kid, and I was viscerally drawn to the intricate texture and rhythmic complexity of Robert Fripp's imagination. The group evolved dramatically over time, but this tune is from my favorite period: the Fripp-Belew-Levin-Bruford era.


Amy said...

Oh yeah! Thank you for reminding me of this old favorite. Time for a visit to Amazon's MP3 shop. (But I didn't like this live version so much.)

Stephen Bourque said...

I didn't know you liked King Crimson, Amy!

The video is a little rough around the edges, I suppose, but I enjoy seeing them in action. I've never seen them play live.

Matt Stevens said...

I love this song - my favorite era of all the Crimsons