16 August 2012

A Feast

Lynne and I, along with a few of our CrossFit friends, attended a big dinner party last weekend at a local farm owned by a friend of ours. We had a wonderful time (despite the humid heat that is not uncommon to New England summer evenings) enjoying delicious, “paleo”-friendly food in the rustic comforts of a magnificent old barn. We ate and drank and laughed amid twinkling lights, with an occasional bat flitting overhead, while four or five goats munched lazily on hay and looked about curiously, wondering why so many strange and noisy people milled about their normally uninteresting habitat.

About a hundred people attended, including some major minds of the “paleo” scene, who happened to be in town because of the Ancestral Health Symposium. Best of all, I had a chance to meet and briefly chat with my three favorite heroes of nutrition science: Robb Wolf, Chris Kresser, and Mathieu LaLonde.

Our hosts were gracious and benevolent and I wish them all possible success in their farming endeavors.

(Nom Nom Paleo posted some pictures of the event on her blog, as did Laura from Ancestralize Me.)


Diana posted some pictures of her event here, including one in which Lynne and I can be seen conversing with her husband while watching the goats!

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