15 January 2010

A Far Cry Plays Elgar's Introduction and Allegro, Op. 47

Below, the local conductor-less group A Far Cry plays one of my favorite pieces by Sir Edward Elgar - the Introduction and Allegro for String Quartet and String Orchestra, Opus 47. It is an intense and exciting composition, weaving lush romanticism with intricate and contrasting textures.

It's unfortunate that the piece is cut in two for the YouTube videos, but the break is inserted at as logical a spot as any, and nothing is missing.

While I was watching the videos, I suddenly realized that I recognized the place! I had been to St. Paul's Church in Brookline, MA once to see the son of one of Lynne's friends give a recital on the magnificent organ.


Not that anyone really cares, but I was wrong about having been at that church. The recital I saw was actually in a church in Cambridge.


Fotis Olympodoros said...

Elgar wrote some beautiful music, indeed. My favorite moment of his musically is the Nimrod variation of his Enigma variations.

Stephen Bourque said...

Yes, Fotis, I also love Nimrod from the Enigma Variations. Also, the Cello Concerto is amazing.