08 August 2009

Submission to the White House Snitch Line

“Facts are stubborn things.”

So said John Adams, and so is titled an astonishingly brazen post on the official White House blog.  In a most Orwellian manner, the post claims to hold the “inconveniently” true position, and warns of “scary” emails and videos spreading “disinformation.”

Some excellent responses to this outrageous exertion of power have already been made this week on 3 Ring Binder, NoodleFood, Titanic Deck Chairs, Gus Van Horn here and here, John Lewis, and many others - and of course, Texas senator John Cornyn wrote directly to the president on this matter on Wednesday.[Note 2.]

Here is the note I myself submitted to the White House Informant Line, flag@whitehouse.gov:

Dear Ministry of State Security:

I wish to report “something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy.”  The White House blog is shocked to see opposition to its socialist health care plan, and insists that its critics are liars making “breathless claims.”  The post highlights one example that “couldn’t be further from the truth”: the claim that “the President intends to eliminate private coverage.”  

As supposed evidence of this “falsehood,” the White House post links to an official list of “Health Insurance Consumer Protections.”  However, these “protections” consist of eight directives that completely constrain what insurance companies can and cannot do.  Any ONE of these directives is sufficient to eliminate the notion of private insurance; all eight together constitute a complete federal takeover of the industry.

Thus, to see the facts that show the Obama administration’s intention to take over the health insurance industry (and the financial industry, the automobile industry, etc.), one need go no further than the White House web site.

Facts are indeed stubborn things.  Empty claims to the contrary will not change them, nor will even ominous threats from the White House directed toward American citizens. 

Stephen Bourque

United States of America


1.  “Facts are Stubborn Things,” Macon Phillips, White House blog, 4 Aug 2009, http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/Facts-Are-Stubborn-Things/ .

2.  Senator John Cornyn (R. - Texas), Letter to President Barack Obama, http://online.wsj.com/public/resources/documents/cornynletter20090805.pdf .

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