24 February 2009

Leonard Peikoff Podcast 50

I had fallen behind a bit with Leonard Peikoff’s podcasts, and when I visited his site today I found that it has a very cool new look!  Check it out.

Podcast 50 (23 Feb 2009)

Teasers: Handling acute grief, doubts about career choice.

Podcast 49 (16 Feb 2009)

Teasers: Objectively Speaking, mandatory helmets for children, Dagny in love.

Podcast 48 (09 Feb 2009)

Teasers: Working for a campaign with which one does not agree, Stoicism, swearing on the Bible, pornography, private security guards, another lifeboat ethics question.

Podcast 47 (2 Feb 2009)

Teasers: Conflicted feelings about visiting horribly injured friend, consciousness after death.

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