26 October 2008

Blog, Interrupted

I think I have (or had) a few regular readers, and to them I apologize for my abrupt hiatus of the last few weeks.  I have been completely consumed by work, trying to meet some deadlines for the product I am working on.  I've spent not only all my time but all my mental energy on the circuit design and firmware for which I am responsible.  I've neglected myself, my family, and alas, my blog.

If there is a silver lining to this interruption in writing, it has provided me with a brief break from discouraging current affairs - in particular, the election and the federal takeover of private enterprises.  But I'll soon turn my attention to these things again.  Stay tuned, if you are so inclined!


Kim said...

I am so inclined!

C. August said...

Being too busy to focus on the election of the evil of two lessers, the nationalization of the financial sector, or the final nail in the coffin of Alan "Dr. Robert Stadler" Greenspan, is certainly a silver lining.

Can't wait until you have time to lend your insights.

Fortitudine said...

Mmm, grisly postings ahead, I'm sure. It's quite a mess we're in. I'll stay tuned.

Burgess Laughlin said...

Do conditions in what passes for W. Civilization look grim? Yes.

I have been a student of Objectivism for 47 years. Conditions have always looked grim. In the 1960s and 1970s, communist states were advancing around the world. They had nuclear weapons. That is grim. In the 1970s, inflation and unemployment were high. That is grim. Conservatives were conservatives, that is, valuers of God, Tradition, Nation, and Family as intrinsic values. That is grim, especially considering they postured as defenders of "free enterprise."

For the first time in my life, I have an inkling that we might in the next 20 years or so be turning a corner toward a better society. The Objectivist movement is very strong and growing. As long as enough individuals in it maintain quality control, the movement will do well. (See the July 14, 2008 post for Making Progress, here.)

Stephen Bourque said...

Thanks, Burgess. Your words are uplifting.

I have noticed in my own outlook what I would describe as almost relief since the election, which I cannot quite account for. It goes without saying that I expect nothing good from Mr. Obama or the Democratic majority in the House and Senate.

Perhaps my relief comes from the resounding defeat of the Republican Party, which absolutely had to happen if the GOP is ever to get the message that they are too damned religious. I am also sick of the free market getting blamed for the ailments caused by government intervention, an absurdity that would have continued as long as Republicans are in power. (It may continue anyway, but it will be less plausible with Democrats at the helm.)