01 September 2008

Julia and Jacques.

I came across this delightful little video of two of my culinary heroes, Julia Child and Jacques Pépin, together in the kitchen for their Cooking at Home series.  I knew they had done this show together, but I've never seen any of the episodes, so it was a pleasure to see their personalities play off each other.

Jacques Pépin is the author of my favorite culinary book.  Though I like to cook, I do not collect cook books.  I'm not a recipe guy.  I like to learn techniques and principles, then kind of "wing it" from there.  Pépin's book, Complete Techniques, is a magnificent collection of fundamentals for an amateur like me.


LB said...

Did you notice that Julia's Julia is a dark blue?

Stephen Bourque said...

Yes! Personally, I prefer my fire engine red model. I must admit, though, that mine is not quite as cool as Alton Brown's flaming hot-rod stand mixer!