19 May 2008

Writing For A More General Audience

I found Diana Hsieh's post, Shifting Noodles, to be intriguing - or maybe inspiring is a better word.  In it, she notes that her NoodleFood posts will henceforth be geared toward a general audience, as opposed to one that is largely familiar with and in agreement with Objectivism.

I think I will try to do this as well, since my primary blogging goal is to organize my thoughts on various topics and learn to articulate them to people who are not likely to agree with me - at least not until they are completely won over by the persuasiveness of my arguments!  C. August's comment to one of my recent posts got me thinking in that direction anyway, and I think it is a good idea to practice writing with a general audience in mind.  It's a little hard, since I'm pretty sure that the only people reading my stuff are Objectivists, but I'll try to get in the habit, at least for the most part.    

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